The human dimension in planning

  • onsdag / 12 september / 2018
  • 11:15-12:00
  • Lokal A3


Nowadays we see a a loss of life in our cities, due to the way we designed them. At the same time there is a movement happening right now, a change, where a more humanistic dimension in planning is gaining momentum – all over the world. With the rapid urbanisation that is taking place on a global scale, we have to find new models, we need new tools, we need new ways of collaborating, so that we can have both, livable urban centers and livable neighbourhoods and at the same time. Public space as an unique, democratic element of our society, a common space and plattform were we can all engage in the society, is a central key for more human and livable cities.

Rudolf Antoni Fastighetsägarna
Helle Søholt Arkitekt Gehl Architects