International Perspectives on Housing – Experiences and Thoughts from the UK, Sweden and the Netherlands

  • tisdag / 15 oktober / 2019
  • 14:00-15:00
  • Lokal Röda scenen


The UK, Sweden and the Netherlands each have their own market dynamics and all face their own challenges when it comes to meeting demand for housing. How do different countries tackle these challenges? Architects from the three countries will discuss issues like: combining affordability and good quality in housing; models for social/affordable housing; densification and land use; how infill-sites can make a positive contribution to an existing area; the role of housing in smart cities and how to incorporate the latest methods and technology to best effect. The discussion will be in English and will be led by Charlotta Holm Hildebrand, former Head of International Affairs at Architects Sweden.

Jan-Willem Baijense Associate Architect de Architekten Cie
Alex Ely Principal and Founder Mae
Francis Gallagher Managing Director HKS Architects Ltd
Sanna Hederus Founder Kod Arkitekter
Charlotta Holm Hildebrand CEO at CHH Planning Group and Former Head of International Affairs Sveriges Arkitekter (Architects Sweden)
Niko Lutener Architect Gatun Arkitekter
Anthony Thistleton Smith Director Waugh Thistleton Architects

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