The Evolution of a Place – how do you create meaningful public spaces that will stand the test of time?

  • onsdag / 16 oktober / 2019
  • 13:40-14:20
  • Lokal Lila scenen


How do you create a functional public space that contributes to people’s health, happiness, safety and well-being, but that also remains attractive and relevant as time moves on, tastes change, technology develops and the fundamental usage of the space changes? Architects from the UK and Sweden will provide their thoughts on this topic, drawing on their own experience of placemaking and how they view the impact of current and future trends.
The discussion will be in English.

Edward Marchand Associate Director Bennetts Associates
Pärtel-Peeter Pere Chief Operating Officer Future Place Leadership
Layla Rahnavard Architect Liljewall arkitekter
Janica Wiklander Practice Director & Partner Tengbom

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