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Roxana Slavcheva

Roxana Slavcheva
The world’s best and worst cities to live in

Roxana Slavcheva from The Economist Intelligence Unit, presents the new Global Livability Index 2018. The survey is based on 140 cities and ranking which are the best and worst places to live. How does the Nordic cities compare with other cities in the world?

Danielle Haralambous

Danielle Haralambous
The Nordic countries viewed from the outside

Merkel, May, Trump, Putin, Abe, Jinping and Jung Un. How are the Nordic countries affected by political and economic developments in the rest of the world? Danielle Haralambous is a leading analyst at The Economist Intelligence Unit in London. She is responsible for monitoring economic and political developments in the Nordic region and will speak about the global developments and how it affects the Nordic countries, with a particular focus on Sweden.

Helle soholt

Helle Søholt
The human dimension in planning

Nowadays we see a a loss of life in our cities, due to the way we designed them. At the same time there is a movement happening right now, a change, where a more humanistic dimension in planning is gaining momentum – all over the world. With the rapid urbanisation that is taking place on a global scale, we have to find new models, we need new tools, we need new ways of collaborating, so that we can have both, livable urban centers and livable neighbourhoods and at the same time. Public space as an unique, democratic element of our society, a common space and plattform were we can all engage in the society, is a central key for more human and livable cities.

Harri Hiltunen, Reinhold Lennebo, Jannick Nytoft
Why invest in the Nordic market?

The transaction volume of the Nordic property market came to just over 42 billion euro last year, which is as much as 15 percent of the total transaction value of the European market. The number of foreign buyers was also record breaking at 43 percent. Both the housing market and the commercial real estate market attracts attention. Strong economies, weak currencies and a lot of movement on the property markets in the Nordic countries has raised interest from international investors. At this seminar you will learn more about the Nordic property markets and how and where to invest.